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Flan posting here for the 1st time =O

Anyway, I understand why it should be just us 6 right now... we can't just keep inviting more and more people because the group will not be taken seriously.. But from what I heard, Joe and Jaime are going to be in it soon so I think you should invite Fyre, Shu, and Toby since I'm closer friends with them than Joe and Jaime. But that's my opinion.

Whatever... I hope With Motion is going to be awesome in the future...

community tutorial...

for those of you who dont know how to update the community here's what you do.

go to update your journal, write whatever you want to say and then go to "more options".

when you are able to put your mood and song and whatnot, near the begining, you will see an option that says "Journal to post in: (your username)--Default".

click on the little black arrow pointing down and there should be your default (your regular lj) and one that says "with_motion".

click on with_motion and then it should say "Journal to post in: with_motion" now you just go to update journal and its updated. ok?

anymore quetions, you can either comment here or just go to lj FAQ's.

ok, serious time...

i dont know about you guys but i really want to take this thing seriously. which means, for now, just us six since we all chill and we're pretty close and have no problems with each other. that means that ppl that are good, like fyre, dyno, shu and whoever else cant be in it, yet. for one thing, we dont really do anything with them and even though we know eachother and talk to eachother, we're not close. using/letting them be in it just cuz they are good is retarded. that's not the point of with motion. with motion is a team we created so we are known and were we all chill and do shit which is why we cant have everyone in it just yet. also, we cant let ppl in it just cuz we dont have beef with them, because of mainly the same reasons. i want to take this seriously because we all have gotten closer and its a good thing to have a group, however since we have a group, we must start acting like one. i've kept up my part by doin all this and trying to get ourselfs known but if some of you dont want to do anything, then its pointless. now what i want from you is to let me know how you guys feel because im not gonna work hard to do all this just so that you guys dont take it seriously and when we have to do things, they arent done. so before we "announce" this we must make sure we are all gonna take it seriously. ok?
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ok, so this is the official with motion community. It might not look that nice right now, but im working on it. its basically for all of us pplz and like yea. so, yea